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David P. Maunder
President and CEO

Mr. Maunder has spent more than 40 years  developing game- changing technology, managing aerospace research and development programs, and planning and conducting weapon system testing.  His experience includes leadership positions in corporate management and government program management associated with the development and testing of highly advanced manned and unmanned vehicles, radar systems, electronic warefare systems, secure communications systems, and low observable materials and systems technologies.  Mr. Maunder holds a key patent within electronic warfare, and is a recognized Pioneer of Stealth. 

Mr. Maunder has been directly responsible for the development and management of seven technology demonstration programs in the field of stealth and counter-stealth systems.  In addition to his proven capabilities in corporate management and program acquisition management, he brings a strong background of quantitative systems analysis, and systems design and integration.


As Program Manager and Acting Director of DARPA's Special Projects Office (now Sensor Technology Office), Mr. Maunder directed all aspects of threenational priority classified DARPA programs valued at over $500 million dollars.  He was directly responsible for the development and highly successful demonstration of new and emerging radar sensor technologies, which have facilitated innovative approaches to solve critical air defense problems for the first time.  These technology developments have been reviewed at the highest levels of the DoD and now form the basis of the DoD's strategy for the development of future theater air defense systems and architectures.


Leading a team of more than 500 highly skilled scientists and engineers in government and industry.  Mr. Maunder directly provided the leadership and program vision which guided the selection of critical technologies for incorporation into key technology demonstration programs, and he was personally responsible for securing funding for these high visibility programs. During his tenure, his programs enjoyed the highest priority of DARPA and OSD technology programs.


As Headquarters, U.S. Air Force Program Acquisition Manager, Mr. Maunder served at the Pentagon from 1986 to 1989.  For the B-2 Bomber and JTIDS weapon system programs, he was responsible for budget development and tracking, security, and test management aspects of the programs interfacing with all aspects of headquarters and Department of Defense.  He wrote and coordinated a congressionally directed B-2 Test and Evaluation Master Plan and prepared B-2 first flight and JTIDS first operational test activities.  He also prepared and implemented security plans to transition the B-2 program from a highly classified to an unclassified security posture. In addition, he led all preparations for the JTIDS Milestone IIIA (low rate initial production decision) Defense Acquisition Board (DAB) review.


Mr. Maunder managed and directed the Tri-Service Standoff Attack Missile (TSSAM) phase one technology development program at Wright-Patterson AFB.   He conducted and led classified research and development programs in the field of low observable (stealth) technologies.  Additionally, he played a key role in the engineering development while simultaneously leading the testing of Tacit Blue, a high priority, stealth aeronautical weapon system technology demonstration program.  Mr. Maunder’s efforts were recognized by a two-year accelerated promotion to the rank of Major.


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