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U.S. Navy Program Executive Office for Theater Surface Combatants

  • Supported the Navy Theater Wide and Area Tactical Ballistic Missile Defense programs

  • Supported the Overland Cruise Missile Defense Advanced Technology development program

  • Played a key roll in the development of the BMDO Advanced Radar Technology

  • Led the Advanced Mission Technology (AMT) panel within the BMDO Surveillance and Sensor Technology Planning Team (TPT)

Modern Technology Solutions Incorporated (MTSI)

  • Supported the development and evaluation of operational effectiveness analysis in the area of cruise missile defense for government and industry customers

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Lincoln Laboratory

  • Identifyied technologies, investment strategies, and program management reporting requirements and priorities

  • Negotiated and defended programs with government and industry leaders at the highest levels

  • Led risk management and test and evaluation analyses in support of the Navy’s Cruise Missile Defense effort

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

  • Supported planning, management and execution of the Novel Antenna Program (NAP), and the advanced urban warfare communications technology development program

  • Developed NAP test objectives and analysis goals

  • Established program management tracking methodology and metrics

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